Bobby Big Pants Spice Blends Make BBQ Great!

How to use Bobby Big Pants Brines and Rubs!

The Basic

The "basic" is the foundation for all of my spice blends. It has a ratio of 3:1 sugar to salt. So you will not need to typically use any additional salt on proteins. The basic was originally a formula for any fish. As an example you can take a 6oz piece of fish (skin on) and rub the mix and let sit for 4 hours, rinse and dry with a paper towel. It is then ready for the grill or smoker. On red meats rub an even amount to cover and grill, roast or smoke, it does not necessarily need to sit for any length of time. The blend can be combined with aromatics or any additional flavorings that you may want to add. I will say it is quite complete on its own and really does not need any "help."


This is designed really for both pork and poultry. To brine simply dilute a cup of Poultry Spice and add enough water to cover whatever you are brining. For large turkeys (15lbs plus) they can handle 3 or 4 cups of diluted brine mix. Both Pork and Poultry can sit in the liquid for up to 3 days under refrigeration and then be patted dry and roasted, smoked or grilled. This is a good medium for thawing under refrigeration and the results will be excellent. This is especially true for Turkey.

Additional uses for any Bobby Big Pants blend:

  • Any place that you use salt and pepper you may substitute the Bobby Big Pants blend that suits your fancy.
  • Add to mustard or mayonnaise to your taste for an additional bit of magic on your sandwiches.
  • Sprinkle on top of vegetables. Great for grilling vegetables.
  • Add to your eggs. Use in that next batch of deviled eggs.
  • Use in your next dip or dressing. Mix with sour cream to taste and come up with your own dips.
  • Great mixed with ground beef for your next batch of burgers.
  • Sprinkle on fresh fruit.
  • Finish soups and sauces to get that perfect blend of salty and sweet.
  • Makes a great bloody mary mix, just add tomato juice and vodka.
  • The basic is perfect for fried chicken, either mix with buttermilk or add to your flour for dredging.
  • It’s great mixed with melted butter on fresh grilled corn.
  • Try it on popcorn.
  • Try it any time you taste something and say to yourself "is this missing something?" It is missing Bobby Big Pants!
  • Great with slaws.
  • Mac and Cheese.